TRAVEL INCAS – Young man and his mules retrace ancient Inca route with epic 500-day journey

Spain, UK

Simón Vergara has been on a mission to reach Argentina since he departed from his hometown in Bogota, Colombia, on 9 January. But this is no ordinary journey; the young man is traveling on his two trusty mules, who have become more than just his mode of transport — they are his beloved companions.

The 23-year-old has already racked up 6,000 kilometers trundling along the Qhapaq Ñan, a network of roads built by the Incas between 1450 and 1530 that straddles some of the most extreme terrain on the planet and spans six countries in South America.

Since his journey began, Vergara, Cimitarra and Pluma de Oro, have crossed Colombia, Peru and Bolivia and are hoping to complete the entire journey in 500 days.


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